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Multitasking Machining Centers
Ultra Sonic 40 evo
Used - Excellent
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Only 3,780 Cut hours

Power33.5 hp
RPM18,000 RPM
# ATC30
TaperHSK A63
# Axis5
ControlCNC (Power Line Siemens 840D)
Weight15,180 lbs.

ONE LOW HOUR DMG MORI-SAUER ULTRASONIC 5-AXIS VMC Model: DMG Mori/ Sauer Champion Ultra Sonic DMU 40 evolution Travels: X: 15.7” Y: 15.7” Z: 14.8” Max. work diameter: 17.7” Max. work height: 18.1” Max. part weight: 551.2 lbs. B axis swivel range: -5 degrees/ +110 degrees C axis index: 0.001 degrees Spindle rpm: 18,000 Spindle torque: 95.9 ft. lbs. Spindle taper: HSK A63 Spindle HP: 33.5 @ 30 minute rating ATC capacity: 30 Weight: 15,180 lbs. EQUIPPED WITH: Programmable angle coolant nozzels (4) Renishaw Power Probe 60 Chip Blaster Md. JV40, SN: L481 providing 2-10.5 gpm at 105 bar (1,500 psi) with Automatic Variable Volume. Mist Blaster Chip Chiller: Per Chip Blaster, this integrated chiller is controlled by the touch screen display giving you easy to use controls to dial in just the right temperature for your application. Choose from Ambient Temperature Tracking or Absolute Temperature Control. Rated @ 34,000 BTUs. 3D Quick Set Calibration Blum Laser tool measuring Flushing gun 5) Brand new in box Sauer Ultra Sonic Oscillating tool holders that have a “frequency of vibration” capacity of 20,000 to 60,000 and five micron strokes/second using ER25 collets. They are HSK63D86S High Speed units, #2646365 “Each of these holders contains so-called piezo elements, which are activated by a programme-controlled inductive system with a high frequency of between 20 and 50 kHz.” “The actual tool rotation is thus superimposed with an additional tool movement in the longitudinal direction so that a defined amplitude, which can be programmed in the NC-programme, in the range of up to more than 10 µm is generated on the cutting edge of the tool or on the grinding layer. During grinding, drilling and milling this ULTRASONIC superimposition of vibrations has a direct, positive impact with up to 40 percent reduced process forces. This enables longer tool service life as well as excellent surface qualities of up to Ra < 0.1 µm for hard and brittle advanced materials such as glass, ceramics, corundum but also composite materials and hard metal.” Per DMG Mori. TUV Nord cooling system for controls Table, table bearings, and drives are cooled Rotary joint installed into table for air or hydraulic clamping Power Line CNC Controls, Siemens 840D 5-axis simultaneous contouring Video link: https://youtu.be/ycGfdnUC8Bw New 2014 Hours: ON: 7187, Cut: 3,780 as of 9/8/2022 Condition: Excellent! Note: Machine was used to cut mostly plastic and copper parts and the Ultrasonic features were never used with 5) Brand new Sauer heads still in original containers. Ultrasonic models have the capacity to mill/grind brittle parts, such as carbides, plastic, ceramics, Corundum, Tungsten, Nickel, Titanium, Composites, and glass as examples with improved Logic, Sensors, and additional generator box vs. a DMU 40.

DMG Sauer Ultrasonic 40 evo 5-axis VMC
Multitasking Machining Centers